What it is: digital communication plan for a film festival.

Philosophy: promoting culture throuhg classic restored films, from 1995.

What I did: digital communication strategist.


What it is: digital communication plan for an urban regeneration project.

Philosophy: turns an abandoned public space into a stage for one night.

What I did: digital communication strategist.


What it is: crowdfunding and  digital media campaign for a film festival.

Philosophy: bring different cultures in a courtyard.

What I did: digital communication strategist.

(2016 – 2018)

What it is: video projection mapping for The Wall Tribute Concert in Carsulae.

Philosophy: tear down all the walls.

What I did: assistant art director.


What it is: visual identity for a dental laboratory.

Philosophy: smile 🙂.

What I did: visual designer.


What it is: crowd-learning web platform.

Philosophy: everyone can teach and learn.  Everywhere.

What I did: co-founder, web designer, digital strategist.

(2015 – 2018)

What it is: community videos on sustainable lifestyles in Umbria.

Philosophy: welfare can be a story to tell.

What I did: storytelling trainer and producer of short films.


What it is: web-serie of house cooking with Fair Trade Products.

Philosophy: coocking fair trade food is a way of building a community.

What I did: project manager, art director, web editor.

(2014 – 2017)

What it is: art festival, call for young artist, workshops.

Philosophy: empower contemporary young artist.

What I did: graphic designer, digital marketing, creative director.

(2009 – 2013)

What it is: art educational project on Fair trade.

Philosophy: how art can tell fair trade.

What I did: project manager, graphic designer, curator of workshop.


What it is: street art festival.

Philosophy: street art as a conteporary point of view of our society.

What I did: project manager, art director.